FIRE is one of the greatest inventions of ancient men, lighting a new life where there was once darkness.  Modern men have improved since then; with the advancement of semiconductor technology, the modern fire comes in a bluish hue from a high efficacy LED chip. BLUEFIRE is founded on a mission to continue the legend of fire and quietly revolutionize our lighting world, one bright energy efficient light bulb at a time.

At present, lighting accounts for about 20% of the power consumption in the world. Reducing this figure is a crucial means of energy savings from both a financial and environmental standpoint. LEDs are already beginning to alleviate this energy burden.

BLUEFIRE develops a series of product lines suitable for home and office use, as well as commercial and industrial environments. We focus on practical energy savings and the optimization of power consumption, brightness, lifespan, and cost effectiveness to deliver the best value products to consumers.  Together with our customers, every bulb lit will shine the path to a brighter, eco-friendly future.

LEDs have existed for several decades but their use in general lighting applications is still relatively new. The current rapid pace of technological development in this sector coupled with increasingly-strained natural resources will only further encourage the evolution of LEDs. The future of LED lighting is very promising: LEDs are considered the best market in this coming decade on a global scale.