The Value of Bluefire Products

At Bluefire, we consider consumers’ interests and needs first in defining our product value we want to deliver. Costs, energy savings and product lifespan have become the three components of core value in our products. They are implemented from the initial design concept to manufacturing process. As a result, our LED products provide consumers the best value for money- affordable prices, energy savings, last longer, and quick return on investment.

Our values to consumers:

1. Great light output at affordable prices: the best price to performance ratio; pay less for more
2. Use less energy: adapts the latest LED lighting technology with high efficacy LED components
3. Faster to get your money back: bigger savings on lighting electricity expenses
4. Less frequency to replace light bulbs: longer lifespan
5. Good quality and reliability: stringent manufacturing and quality control policies in place
6. Great looking: a more traditional light bulb shape

 Bluefire lamps save money in three ways:

1. Lower your utility bills
2. Fewer replacement products
3. Reduced labor costs of replacement

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