Product Quality and Reliability

At Bluefire, we are committed to delivering high quality and reliable lighting fixtures that meet our customers’ needs. Our high energy-efficient troffers and strip fixtures can help contractors, architects, building managers, and facilities teams to achieve their energy goals easily in a new construction project.


Customer satisfaction is our goal. We are here to serve customers with any of lighting needs.  We listen to our customers, and understand their expectations on product and service quality. To gain our customers’ trust and satisfaction, we just simply provide our honest and reliable service in every possible aspect. Partnering with our customers is crucial to grow our business in a long run.

For new building lighting projects, we understand budget is a critical concern, so we offer our partners, including  design community, architects, contractors, and commercial lighting customers at a discounted pricing on our most efficient LED fixtures. Please join us and let us know what support you need specifically in the request form below. We look forward to working and supporting you!

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