How long do LEDs for general lighting really last?

LEDs are Solid State devices (SSL or “solid state lighting”); so they will not burn out. Life expectancy for SSL lighting is upwards of 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more, which means no maintenance costs for facilities workers to replace lights. Over time, the cost of replacements for fluorescent or incandescent bulbs themselves can add up to a significant savings when converting to LEDs.

LED lights are typically rated to last about 100,000 hours. An incandescent light bulb is rated for about 1000 hours. CFLs or Fluorescent Tube lights are rated for 6-8000 hours. The product replacement cost math is easy: (see chart below showing the next 10 years)

LED LIGHTING 100,000hrs(~10yrs) (1) Time Buy Once
Fluorescent / CFLs 6-8000 hrs 13 Times x $4ea= $52.00
Incandescent Bulb 1000 hrs 100 Times x $1ea=$100.00

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What are the advantages of switching to LED?

The advantages of switching to LED are numerous. Here are just some of the benefits: LEDs use much less electricity than other bulbs, have extremely long rated lives, produce very little heat, do not emit UV or infrared, contain no mercury, are resistant to shock and vibration, and can operate effectively in extremely cold environments.

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Is an LED going to produce enough light to replace my current bulb?

For most applications, yes. Off-the-shelf LED products are now reliably replacing incandescent equivalents of up to 100 watts, and specialty products are available to replace even higher wattages.

What are the cost savings to using LED?

Please see the following page for more details.