Introduction to LED Troffers



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Troffer serves many purposes for businesses. It sets the ambiance or customers, showing clients exactly what they can expect from a company. It can also be practical, keeping employees safe by ensuring work areas are well lit. In an office building, this can eliminate problems with eyestrain and fatigue. In industrial settings, the correct lighting ensures that workers do not make dangerous mistakes with equipment. Bluefire LED troffer product line is designed to meet the highest lighting standard and is one of the best lighting choices for new buildings, such as offices, schools, hallways, hospitals and retail spaces.

Blurfire 2’x2′ and 2’x4’ troffer offers 2 or 3 lamps configurations. The LED lamps last 50,000 hours of lifespan and can be replaced individually.  Since no ballast is installed, it’s even more clean and environmental friendly than traditional fluorescent troffer. Installation can be done without special tools. Most importantly, it is very energy efficient, and suitable for new buildings. Bluefire is committed to providing the highest quality troffer fixtures and the most energy saving LED light tubes for businesses of all types.