Introduction to Bluefire LED Bulbs



Bluefire LED light bulbs make sense. First, not like fluorescent bulbs, there’s no mercury and other hazardous materials contained so it’s good for the environment. Secondly, LED is the most energy efficient lighting technology today. Use the least energy power to get the maximum light output. Instant electricity savings starts from the day one you use, and it pays for itself over time. Third, it lasts much longer than incandescent or CFL bulbs so it’s more cost-effective for less replacements. Furthermore, no more warm-up time; it lights up instantly. At last, better light quality, no UV light. Bluefire offers a selection of the most commonly used LED bulb sizes in a variety of color temperature and power options.  These are a direct replacement for your existing incandescent bulbs – just unscrew your old bulb, screw in your new LED light bulb. Your savings are twofold: less electricity bill and less frequency of change. A smart and easy way to save money!

Features & Benefits

– The latest LED lighting technology.
– Efficient cooling design expels heat faster.
– Energy saving and long lifespan
– Instant-on & no warm-up time
– No humming noise
– No UV & IP
– Mercury free

Product enhancements may results in specification change, contact us for latest information.

Our Complete Line of LED Bulbs Consist of:

– A-Type Light
– Candle Light
– LED Floodlight
– LED Spotlight