Introduction to Desk Lamps

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Bluefire develops a whole new series of desk lamps, combining a stylish look and the latest LED lighting technology that brings desktop lighting to the next level. Bluefire desk lamps give users an interactive lighting experience from reading, studying, or relaxation- just a touch of your fingertip to select your lighting needs.  A simple, elegant, glossy white appearance makes it seamlessly blend into any rooms or offices.  The latest high bright LED technology saves your energy bill up to 75% and lasts 20,000 hours.  A range of 4W to 10W lamps can fulfill all your brightness requirements.  Easy to adjust design provides a wide angle for your daily use.  All those great features make Bluefire desk lamps the perfect gifts for anyone.

Bluefire LED desk lamps advantages to traditional lamps

1. A totally new slim, stylish look than old bulky desk lamps 2. You save on energy costs right away and reduce the frequency of lamp replacement 3. Bluefire LED desk lamps provide color temperature choices to better serve your tasks 4. Bluefire LED desk lamps generate less heat 5. Bluefire LED desk lamps is dimmable, and turn on instantly. 6. Bluefire LED desk lamps contain no mercury, and other hazardous materials.

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